Studio Enterprise RyCAT FOR TRADOS & OFFICE

Productivity-Boosting Tools For Professional Translators Only
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    • How to Activate Your Copy of RYCAT

      Run Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, but not both, and proceed as follows:

      • Download and Install RyCAT for Office;
      • Run MS Word or Excel or PowerPoint, any, but not both; Say, MS Word, for illustrative purpose;
      • In MS Word, click "RYCAT Tab" and select “Before Translation - Settings”, then click the menu item   “Enter License Info”; In the “License Info” window, you’ll see a machine-generated code under the label “Your Identification Code”, copy and save it to a text file now;
      • Send the text file, or, the “Identification Code”, to us [], we’ll give you a “Purchase Code” and a “Verification Code” through e-mail in 24 hours; (if not, please re-send your activation request e-mail to us again.)
        [NOTE: Please indicate, in your mail, "For Free Trial", or, "For Purchased Copy" if you have bought a copy, in this case, together with your Paypal Account out of which the payment was made.]
      • Copy and paste the two codes you've just received from us into the corresponding text box in the “License Info” window and click “OK” to activate your copy of RYCAT.
    • How to Prepare RYCAT for translation

      Setting up RYCAT for translation could not be simpler:

      • In Trados, Click this button  to ACTIVATE your Copy of RYCAT;
      • And this buttion  to CREATE a new RYCAT Termbase, or specify an existing one, if you've already had one;
      • And optionally, this button  to configure your Web-Lookup Sources;
      • And optionally, this button  on the right part of Translation Panel to pick one or more dictionaries for reference;
      • That's all. You are now free to go.