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RYSTUDIO Bilingual Target Document Delivery System

[Compatible with Trados Studio 2017 through 2022!]

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    • It's quite often these days that clients require translators to deliver finished documents that contain both source text and target translations, paired either by segment or by paragraph, in the same layout and formating as the original source document. This is where the plugin comes into play.

      With this plugin, translators can generate a beautiful bilingual target document to meet the various requirement of clients:

    • Pay Once & Use Forever

      RYSTUDIO Bilingual Target Document Delivery System adopts pay-once-and-use-forever policy. No annual subscription fee, no additional usage fee charged, no limit and no quota imposed.

    • Lossless Generation in Original Layout and Formating 

      It's very easy to generate a bilingual target document with translation either below or above source text:


      The target text is in the same layout and formating as its source counterpart:

    • Side-by-Side View

      Nothing is more exicting than having a side-by-side bilingual view without compromising the original formating?

      Term Management
    • Generate for Review & A Rich Set of Options

      The most beloved feature of reviewers and project managers. In fact, their professional life cannot go on without this amazing feature!

      Generate a bilingual document for review in its original layout and formatting, and on completion of review, all project files and translation memories can be updated with the reviewed document.

      Term Management