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Alatar Copilot: Your AI-powered Translating & Writing companion

[Standalone, with free plug-in for Trados Studio and add-ins for MS Office!]

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    • Subscription Type

      Description of Different Editions:

      Trados Plugin Only with Monthly Free Quota: $70 or RMB 480 per month for the free use of both RYSTUDIO Translation Copilot Plugin for Trados Studio as well as ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4.0, and Google Gemini Pro. No API KEY required, no additional cost to pay for the use of these powerful language models. You will be given at least 52,000 free credits every month. You can use these free credits to send messages to ChatGPT 3.5 (2 credits per message), ChatGPT 4.0 (35 credits per message) and Google Gemini Pro (4 credits per message). The monthly free credits are dynamically adjusted and the final credits you are given are usually greater than 52,000 in most cases.

      International Monthly Subscription: $65 or RMB 460 per month for the use of Alatar Copilot. Choose this Edition if you already have an OpenAI API KEY and can access all services offered by OpenAI from your region.

      International Yearly Subscription: $715 or RMB 5100 per year for the use of Alatar Copilot. Choose this Edition if you already have an OpenAI API KEY and can access all services offered by OpenAI from your region.

      Pay-as-you-go: $780.00 or RMB 5600. Permanent single machine license for Alatar Copilot, with free-of-charge license migration service offered every 10 months. Choose this Edition if you don't have an OpenAI API KEY or you cannot access the services offered by OpenAI from your region. Note: You have to pay for your use of the services offered by OpenAI or other LLM providers.

      Permanent Subscription: $3900.00 or RMB 28000. Permanent single machine license for Alatar Copilot, with free-of-charge license migration sercice offered every 10 months. You can use both Alatar Copilot, ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4.0 and other LLMs free-of-charge.


    • Alatar Copilot is a standalone application without any dependancies on other applications. You can use its powerful suite of translating and writing tools to process different types of documents. With its unmatched ease of use and robust capabilities, Alatar Copilot stands out in the realm of content creation.

      One Subscription for All Models & Unlimited Use:

      The permanent subscribers have full and free-of-charge access to all GPT and MT models without a usage quota imposed.

      [NOTE: The Fair Use Policy will be applied to prevent possible abuse of service, however.]

    • The Seamless Combination of Machine Translation and ChatGPT

      Alatar Copilot comes standard with the industry's leading translation engines, including DeepL Pro, Google NMT, Sogou NMT, Baidu NMT, Youdao NMT, RYSTUDIO NMT, Bing Translator, Tencent NMT, and the most sophisticated AI language models available today, like ChatGPT 4.0 and 3.5, Google Gemini Pro, Claude, as well as image-generating models such as DALL-E-3 and StableDiffusionXL.

      The synergy between these top-tier translation models and AI language models within Alatar Copilot's comprehensive system unleashes a powerhouse of translation efficacy and creative potential. This integration elevates business capabilities to new heights, offering limitless possibilities across various applications and user needs. The platform embodies the essence of limitless potential—where the only limitation is one's imagination.

      When machine translation and ChatGPT is combined seamlessly in the workflow, the results are amazingly good and can usually surpass the translation quality by professional human translators.

    • A Wide Array of File Formats

      Alatar Copilot supports a wide array of file formats. You can use a single application to process different types of documents, including MS Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, mind maps, Visio flowcharts, CAD drawings, LaTeX files, Publisher publications, SDL Trados Studio project files, and more.

    • Auto-generation of New Documents from Scratch

      One of the standout features of Alatar Copilot is its ability to automatically generate new documents. Imagine creating presentations, mind maps, PDFs, and Word documents either from existing content or from scratch — this feature is a game-changer in terms of productivity and ease of use.

      Here is a simple mind map auto-generated by Alatar Copilot.

    • Auto-generation of Bilingual/Monolingual Documents in Various Paired Layouts

      Alatar Copilot also excels in automatically creating beautiful bilingual or monolingual target documents for final delivery to clients, for review or for comparison purpose, without any loss of original layout and format.

      Whether it's for translation tasks or simple document revisions, Alatar Copilot offers an industry-leading target document generating module, allowing users to view and compare the original and final texts in various paired layouts, while preserving the original document's layout, formats, and list numbering.

      Take translation task as an example, user can have a final bilingual document that has source texts and translated target texts paired up paragraph by paragraph one above another, or side-by-side in two columns, with options like target texts preceding original ones or vice versa, color highlighting etc.

      Paragraph-by-paragraph One-above-another Paired Layout:


      Side-by-side in Two Columns Paired Layout:


      Paired Layout with Color-highlighting:


      Monolingual Documents with Revision Tracking:

      For non-translation tasks, for example, revising, editing, rewriting, improving and on, Alatar Copilot features a Revision Tracking option that will clearly mark all changes for quick and easy review.

    • All Tasks in One Application

      Actually, all text-related tasks can be easily completed with Alatar Copilot. Be it mistakes-correcting, modifications, touch-ups, polishing, rewriting, or continuations—is just one click away. Simply add your document, enter your prompt, and click Process. The convenience is unparalleled.

    • Add-ins for MS Office

      Last but not least, Alatar Copilot brings its prowess to Microsoft Office as an add-in within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, it augments these applications with a comprehensive suite of translation and writing tools.


      In Word, Alatar Copilot allows for a variety of operations on any selected text or from scratch: rewriting, editing, polishing, error correcting, continuation and so on, all with stunning results.

      In PowerPoint, similar versatility is offered, enabling users to automatically generate headings, descriptions, and even auto-generate and insert images with ease.

      In Excel, Alatar Copilot simplifies tasks to a single function. By entering "=alatar(,)" in Excel's function box, users can perform any AI-powered operations on the worksheet or specified cells or cell range, leveraging Excel's unique features for streamlined productivity.

    • Plugin for SDL Trados Studio

      Trados Studio users can use Alatar Copilot directly within the Studio's Editor View to do almost everything, e.g. translating, correcting, polishing, rewriting etc., on the contents of selected or filtered segments, active segment, current selection or whatever entered in the Copilot Pane on the fly.

      For each segment processed by a GPT model, all differences between the final text and original one will be highlighted right within the target segment box for easy review.

      Translators can also chat with a GPT model while translating. For example, asking for a better translation of a sentences, for illustractive or background info of terms in a specific domain, and so on.