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RYSTUDIO Neural Bilingual Aligner

[Compatible with Trados Studio 2017 through 2022!]

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  • Dictionary

    RYSTUDIO Neural Bilingual Aligner -   RMB 120-8600

    • Unlike conventional alignment tools, the one comes with Trado Studio, for example, that get document pairs aligned on the prerequisite that they must be translation of each other with same or similiar file structure, that is why these tools are of little use, because a lot of boring post-alignment works will be involved.

      RYSTUDIO Neural Aligner get document pairs aligned on semantical similarity. This approach will guarantee that all translation pairs will be aligned correctly no matter where they are in a document.

      RYSTUDIO Neural Aligner can also extract and align terms from translation memories, bilingual sdlxliff files, etc.


    • Pay as You Go

      RYSTUDIO provides neural alignment as a paid service. You will be charged based on the character counts sent to RYSTUDIO Alignment Server at the rate of $18 USD/1 million characters.

    • AI-based Alignment & Quick Creation of TM

      Bilingual alignment is based on semantical similarity and probably the smartest and most accurate bilingual alignment tool available on market.

      Because it is so smart that you can align any documents as long as they are relevant in content. The plugin will extract all relevant pairs so that you can create a project TM quickly.

      It's very easy to use. Just add files and click "Align". That's all. Aligned pairs will be saved as .sdlxliff files for you review in Trados Studio.

    • Bilingual Term Extract & Quick Creation of Termbase

      Conventional statistics-based term extract software, SDL MultiTerm Extract, for example, that will leave lots of terms unextracted and involve a great deal of laboring and infrustrating works after extraction, RYSTUDIO Neural Bilingual Aligner is powered by our finely-trained neural models. It just knows what a term looks like, even it appears only once in a file. What a translator or PM is supposed to do after extraction is to go through the term list and check if or not they are to be kept for the project at hand.

      Another exicting feature, of course, is that you can extract and align terms and correspodng translation from your translation memories, translated project files or other bilingual documents to create a project termbase quickly and make maximum use of your translation assets.